Monday, March 16, 2009

The Ever Changing World

It feels like an odd year for cold and snow. Here we are in mid March and we’re just coming off of a -30 C cold snap. It snowed in Victoria BC and at least as far south as Oregon. Maybe I’m just more intolerant of colder temperatures now that I’m middle aged.
I know that as humans we are having an unimaginable impact on the planet. One only has to look at night photos taken from space to see how much of the world we have managed to light up. And maybe the time of modern man will be one of the shorter periods of the earth’s history. We are consumers and we are consuming the planet.
Wisdom and action are two different things. Recent infusions of bailout money in the US make me wonder what kind of wisdom is at play here. What makes change necessary if there are no consequences for poor business practices – like…hmmm…I don’t know…bankruptcy? I imagine that in a year or less the auto companies and banks that have received this cash and survive will be vying for market share with unreasonable promises and easy credit all over again.
Just a jot.