Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chivalry is not Dead - Just Very Very Sick

Our office is more like a refrigerator than anything else. Those of us who work here every day make sure to bring an extra sweater to offset the effects of the heating system.
Today a teacher came into the room to work at a colleague’s desk. She was unprepared for the weather and within a few minutes goose bumps began popping up and turning her arms into course sandpaper.
One of the men - and I’m sad to admit that it wasn’t me – offered his coat and it was gladly accepted. This act of kindness was immediately noticed by one of the matrons in the room. She pleasantly stated that chivalry is not dead.

The diseases that afflict this poor beast are apathy and distrust. In a movie like Kate and Leopold, Leopold would never have been accepted as he was. A man running around in period clothes with impeccable manners would come across as a psychotic unable to apply simple social skills acceptably. More than likely he would be shunned or even institutionalized.

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norrie said...

Brilliant, I like the humour but thre truth that is more than evident.