Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Saga Continues.

The worst of the ordeal is over. The last surgery was a success. They opened my head up using the same scar and opened a hole in my forehead over my right eye. Inside there was a hole in my skull about the size of my small fingernail. Taking a piece of muscle from the side of my face, they filled the hole.
My problem was two fold. The shunt was working superbly and the hole in my sinus cavity created an endless supply of outside air. This combination created the airspace inside my brain, about the size of a golf ball and a half or two golf balls. My brain had become inflamed around the edge of the space. They removed the shunt and covered the hole with a small titanium plate.
Now the real fight is going to have to happen and I’m glad that I’m feeling stronger every day. The soap opera plays out like this. I had travel insurance, regular health insurance and extended health insurance. At this point BC Medical is refusing to pick up the bill because I’ve never seen a neurosurgeon in British Columbia. Extended medical won’t do their share unless BC Medical agrees that the procedure was imperative. Travel insurance won’t cover it because they claim that it was a pre-existing condition.
The kicker is that I’m on the mend and my first appointment in BC isn’t scheduled until the beginning of October. In all honesty, we did reschedule, but that was because the September appointment was scheduled a month after my final surgery in the US – six months after my original bleed.
My current plight is simple. I believe that my life was in imminent danger. The services and concern for my wellbeing were not available in British Columbia. I took our a loan to pay for the surgery at the suggestion of my family doctor who had been in contact with a couple of neurosurgeons – neither wanted to deal with my case. I’ve been paying into the healthcare system for years with no significant illnesses. Now, with everything on the line, there is no support. I feel betrayed by the system and am now carrying a debt I should never have had to endure in the first place.We need to do something about our medical system. Care is not available equally to those covered. Had I been living in the lower mainland, I would have had access to necessary services. Of this, I am certain. If you’ve had a similar problem or have any suggestions, drop me a line.

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