Sunday, August 07, 2011

Visiting the Northwest

The family and I took a little road trip this weekend. We left Vanderhoof early Friday morning and drove west toward the coast. We stopped briefly to see a pretty view of Moricetown Canyon ( and then off to The Village of Hazelton ( before finishing the day at Hyder, Alaska ( where we took pictures of grizzlies feeding on salmon in Fish Creek.
We stayed the night in Stewart, British Columbia and decided to leave early the next morning right after breakfast. Well that didn’t pan out so well. The only restaurant open early enough was the local watering hole and it was already filled to the point of bursting. Everything else was closed until 11 a.m. We chose to have breakfast in the next town...4 hours later. Needless to say, we were famished by the time we sat down to eat.
We spent the following day in Prince Rupert, British Columbia where we enjoyed fresh seafood meals. The weather was great and we stocked up on halibut and prawns before returning home on Sunday morning.
As tiring as it was, the scenery was breath taking, the locals were entertaining and the food was delicious.

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