Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Banderman Odyssey - Progress!!

The Banderman Odyssey is only a couple of weeks from being available to the public. It's been a long process and a hard wait. Of course the only way to make the process of waiting easier is to busy yourself with something else. This is just a way to suggest temporarily forgetting about whatever it is that is so exciting.

Oh well, the waiting is nearly over and whether I've waited with patience or not, it has not eased the excitement, anticipation and fear of what is about to happen.

A book will arrive on the market. Some will choose to purchase it, others will want to for no other reason than it is my first. I thank you!

Will you like it? Of course you will! Tell me all about it regardless. In a couple of weeks it will be available for order from any bookstore, and from You can also request a copy from me. Keep an eye on my website for further information about this -

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