Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Banderman Odyssey

The Banderman Odyssey has been released - on my daughter's birthday, no less. It is available from the publisher or from Amazon. In the case of Amazon, make sure you pick the right country to order from. It's doing very well and has spent a lot of time over the last month in the top ten best sellers of the all of the the books in print from the publisher. That means that when it was #6, it was 6 out of 18,000. I thought that was pretty good for an unknown author.

If you're local and know me, I can get a signed copy for you. You can be local in two places - the Salem Oregon area or the Vanderhoof British Columbia area.

check out the website:
email me for the book:

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Bev said...

Hi Randy!

I just purchased the book from Amazon. Then I came here and saw that you could provide a signed book. I have a favour then, could I purchase a signed one from you for my nephew Derek? He'd be thrilled to get a signed book from his teacher!! :) My email is: Tks!! Bev McInnis